Mr. Babbage’s great calculating engine

What is constructor theory?

What is the motivation behind this new theory?

  • a theory of information concealed at the basis of both classical and quantum information;
  • extending the theory of computation to encompass all physical transformation;
  • combining formal statements of the laws of conservation with stronger operational ones (for example, because of the law of energy conservation we can exclude the possibility of existence of perpetual motion machines);
  • granting exact statements of emergent laws (like the second law of thermodynamics for instance);
  • and expressing in terms of physics certain attributes that are deemed anthropocentric or metaphysical (such as knowledge).

The difference between conventional physics and constructor theory

  1. You start with what we see, with our experiences, with what exists in the world around us,
  2. Afterwards, physics attempts to come up with explanations, and it sort of explains that in terms of things that occur, either in the past or that will happen on the future.


Prelude on Information

Information and Knowledge

Universal Computer/Constructor




Theoretical Physicist, tech enthusiast, lifelong learner!

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Katia Demil

Katia Demil

Theoretical Physicist, tech enthusiast, lifelong learner!

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